The Malu Fernandez-OFW controversy: According to People Asia

by reyna07 on August 28, 2007

UPDATE: September 03, 2007:

Da bitch is back. Here’s here 1st write-up, talking about germs and bacteria which is really pretty much defining herself as one. An incessant bacteria. . As you can see, I intend not to give her another blogspace – rather, just update this post. Apparently, this article will hit the roads today.



Here’s one lousy alibi from a magazine who now realized the power that we OFW’s can do. After so many days of furious OFW’s venting their anger, it is only now that this lousy magazine realized that indeed, they have to face us and explain why they let that bitch insult us!

This lousy explanation is really nothing more than a lot of blah blah blah she did it – not us chuvalinga trulili bye bye bye it’s not our fault – it’s really her, and the other magazine and by the way OFW’s are admirable, really! tra la la – we even gave you an award! Remember? Remember? Remember?! 

You know my famous line?! People Asia? Fuck that shit! Oops! Nag Peks Man na pala ako sa kabilang post! Ano kami? Mga tanga?!

I can’t believe a magazine like this has no clue whatsover what DAMAGE CONTROL is?! If this lousy magazine supports OFWs, then from day one, they should have stood up FOR us and not waited centuries! Heck! This should not have happened in the first place! DUH!!!

The Malu Fernandez-OFW controversy
Tuesday, August 28, 2007


As publisher of People Asia magazine, I had hoped I would not need to make any further comment about our former contributing columnist Malu Fernandez. Because of the “violent” reactions from people concerning the issue – perhaps it is better for me to put the entire issue into the right context. The column which came out in the June issue of the magazine talked about her experience in Boracay and her trip to Greece in a sardonic manner characteristic of Malu Fernandez.


Reactions (via text and email) were sent in by readers, two of which were selected and consequently printed in the August issue of the magazine, along with a note from the editors saying that while they may not agree with what Malu Fernandez had written, they recognize her right to say it. There is a fine print in the magazine’s staff box stating that the opinions and views expressed by writers are their own and not necessarily endorsed by the editors and the management.


The matter would have been settled with the magazine’s publication of those reactions. But unfortunately, Ms. Fernandez wrote a follow-up regarding the issue as well as her response to those who expressed disagreement with the said column in another publication – making it worse since it was written in an arrogant and condescending manner. Even I, together with some readers, felt that she made a mockery of those who did not share or understand her “acerbic” wit and humor.


Right there and then, it was collectively decided by Stargate president Kevin Belmonte, editor-in-chief Joanne Rae Ramirez and myself that it was time to give Malu Fernandez the axe. But perhaps Ms. Fernandez knew what was coming because she submitted her voluntary resignation and beat us to the punch, so to speak. It was that follow up in another publication which started the conflagration, followed up with a lot of reactions especially when TV Patrol came up with a report on the issue last week.


Ms. Fernandez had expressed contrition and humility, and that it was not her intention to hurt, malign or express prejudice against OFWs all over the world – but it was too late.


One thing we want to make perfectly clear is that the magazine should not be defined by who Malu Fernandez is, or be judged according to what she wrote in that controversial column, because we and the staff of People Asia recognize and hail the contributions and sacrifices that overseas Filipino workers have made – and continue to make – for their families, for their loved ones, for this country. As a matter of fact, the OFWs were the first to become “People of the Year” awardees when the magazine first launched the award in 2004, precisely because we admire and recognize the tenacity, the industry, the talent, the skill and most of all – the contribution of OFWs to the economy.


Not that we are trying to build ourselves up, but we have been one of those who, since day one, have consistently expressed support and recognition for Filipinos working abroad – from the time the late Labor Secretary Blas Ople launched the overseas workers employment program in the late ’70s to help the economy which was then reeling because of the oil crisis.


There are close to 10 million OFWs deployed all over the world – and whether they work as domestic helpers, nurses, engineers, caregivers, doctors or teachers – there is no doubt they are people who deserve to be looked up to, and are certainly worthy of the admiration and support of each and every Filipino.

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