Project: OFW Slogan & Logo Design Competition gives you Php10,000!

by reyna07 on September 5, 2007

UPDATE: 10/18/2007 8:22pm EST



I love my OFW’s! And so, is proud to announce the OFW Slogan & Logo Design Competition. The whole idea is simple. Create a catchy slogan and a sleek logo that captures the spirit and best expresses and exemplifies what an Overseas Filipino Worker is all about. This is my response to the negativities hurled to all Overseas Filipino Workers by a notorious columnist who’s got the blessings and allowed by some newpaper dailies in the Philippines.


This competition is sponsored by me, myself and I. Should you wish to join this project as a sponsor, I’d be forever grateful to you, receiving a great clap, clap, clap from me. “YOU” could be a Pinoy blogger, a local or foreign employer, a corporation perhaps or, another overseas Filipino who believes in us – the Overseas Filipino Workers. I’m sure, I’d be needing some judges. If you intend to donate some more prize, so much the better! Be a sponsor! Send me an email at [email protected].

Prize Money:

It’s a Php10,000 winning prize money coming from all the paglalabada at pamama-lantsang ginagawa ko. Dugo at pawis nang isang Reyna.

Now, we do expect the possibility that there could be one great logo but not a great slogan. Or, that there could be one great slogan but not a great logo. Having said that, there could be two (2) winning entries and the winning entries will not only receive a worldwide clap, clap, clap but also, this:

  • Php5, 000 to the winning Slogan

  • Php5, 000 to the winning Logo

Now, if you bag both the winning Slogan and the winning Logo, you get the full prize of Php10,000. Winning entries officially becomes Reyna Elena’s intell-liling properties.

How to Join:

This competition is open to all Filipinos, hyphenated or not, with a talent, an email address and a paypal account (paypal will not be required for entries coming from the Philippines) that accepts and/or receives payments. I mean, I prefer them to be from the Philippines, but heck, we’re just all over the world!

Step 1 – Run your imaginations wild. No, no! Read it again. It’s not Girls Gone Wild.

a.) Slogan

We’re not looking for a one-paragraph slogan because that would be called The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Come up with a great slogan that captures the spirit and best expresses and exemplifies what an Overseas Filipino Worker is all about. Combine your creative and artistic design talent, with wit and intelligence, humor & laughter in one catchy line. No references to the notorious columnist or any of those daily papers. Pag di natawa si Reyna, susunugin namin ang entry nyo!

b.) Logo

Next, combine your slogan into a sleek logo design. Use the Philippine flag in your concept design. There are so many sample designs that you can use. One perfectly great site to look at is this. However, we will not accept any design that infringes on somebody else’s works of art. Should that happen, kukulamin namin kayo ang damages will be upon you.

  • Format should be .gif or .png or .jpg

  • Flash entries and .bmp files will not be accepted

  • Background color should be white or transparent.

  • Logo should contain in text, your slogan entry

Step 2 – Sambahin ang Reyna.

In one paragraph, write a blah blah blah about Reyna’s OFW Slogan & Logo Competition that links back to Reyna Elena and on how this contest will bring World Peace (*kumakaway na parang Miss Universe).

  • Spelling and grammar will not be checked. This is not a PhD thesis nor a literary event. You may write in any language of your choice, badingerzie or swardspeak included, for as long as you include either an English or Tagalog translation.

  • Post your OFW Slogan & Logo Entry within your article and explain why you chose your slogan and what does it represents.

  • Your blog article should be funny but not insulting, uplifting and not degrading. The wittier and the humorous it is, the higher your Pogi points. Remember, Reyna abhors soap opera. Ako lang ang dramatista, wag nyong aagawin ang aking korona.

I am only looking for a 1-paragraph write-up with a minimum of 50 words. But it’s really up to you because the whole intent of the paragraph is for you to sell your creation to your readers and to me.

Make sure your Technorati tags include Reyna Elena, OFW, Overseas Filipino Workers, OFW Slogan and OFW Logo.

Step 3 – Send in your clown.

Send us your entry via email to: [email protected]. Attach your Slogan & Logo Design entry as well as the complete link to your blog entry. We will use your Slogan to link back to your website entry. Your entry will be officially accepted once it gets posted on Reyna Elena.


Pogi Points will be used in judging the entries. Pogi Points will be on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the Pogi-est of them all and 1 will be ewan. We will rank your entry according to the following:

  • OFW-centricity, meaning – does your design exemplifies, defines, describes and captures what an OFW represents?

  • Originality, meaning – considering the so many patented logos around the world, I’m sure it will be very difficult for us to determine how original your work is. But we expect and you agree that what you are submitting to us is an original piece of work.

  • Wit, intelligence and humor of the slogan.

  • Sleek design that embodies the spirit of an OFW.

  • Search engine rankings.


We will consider public opinion in determining the relevance of your design as far as OFW’s are concerned. Based on that, the judges will determine how much Pogi points you will earn. Should we find it difficult to judge all of your works of art, we will narrow down our choices and might use polling to assist us.


  • October 14, 2007 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time: Last day to submit entries.

  • October 15, 2007 to October 20, 2007 – Review of all entries

These dates below are subject to change.

  • October 21, 2007 – Announcement of the (5) Finalist

  • October 22, 2007 to October 28, 2007 Polling (if needed)

  • November 2, 2007 – Announcement of Winner

Reyna will be in Manila to drive the truck with it’s prized reward. Because of expected paparazzis, these dates are subject to change. Should this happen, an official announcement will be made in this site – but in any case, watch out for further announcements.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send it to me by email at [email protected] subject line: Project OFW or leave it at the comment box.


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