Social climbing logo entries are here! Okrayan begins!

by reyna05 on February 16, 2008

Listen to my royal voice today (2/16/2008) mga kabisyo with Dr. Joy


11:00pm Manila time, 7:00am Dubai Time, 10:00am New York/Philadelphia and 3:00pm UK time.

Kunichiwaaa mga kabisyo!!! Social Climbing Logo Contest is NOW CLOSED! After a worldwide search for drowing talents, we are here at the corner of Ayala and Paseo De Roxas to announce the entries in our search for the winning social climbing drowing contest!


But first, let me remind you the rules. Here are the rules in selecting the winners:

1.) Anyone can be a judge! Except those who live across the Pasig River.

2.) You must have a blog but voting is PER blogger not how many blogs you have. Wag akong iisahan! Dahil spy ko si Jose De Venecia III at alam nya ang IP addresses because he uncovered the ABZTE! Kudos to him!

3.) Vote for your favorite logo design by posting it on your blog and rank them from 1 to 5 with no tie votes.

4.) Here are the point winnings:

a. Number 1 ? 5 votes
b. Number 2 ? 4 votes
c. Number 3 ? 3 votes
d. Number 4 ? 2 votes
e. Number 5 ? 1 vote

5.) The title of your post should be: Social Climbing Logo Contest by Reyna Elena and link it HERE.

6.) Leave a message about your post in my entry (HERE) about your choices so I can count them.

7.) Comelec and NAMFREL will be assisting me with counting of the votes. Quickcounts will be posted here.

8.) Announcement of winners on February 29th.

9.) At stake here are these grand winnings na talo pa ang lotto at bingo combined! And here are the prizes to win!

a. Grand Prize = Php5,000
b. 1st runner up = Php2,000
c. 2nd runner up = Php1,500
d. 3rd runner up = Php1,000
e. 4th runner up = Php500


Presenting the contestant to our Social Climbing Logo Contest! Okrayan BEGINS!!! HAHAHA!!!


(Thanks to Empress Maruja! Hehehe!)

Entry # 1.) Chuvaness/Malen


Entry # 2.) Chuvaness/Malen


Entry # 3.) Pinoy Ambisyoso


Entry # 4.) Kotseng Kuba


Entry # 5.) 100% Batangueno


And so! There are your 5 contestants mga kabisyo!!! You know what this means, right? CONGRATULATIONS EVER TO THEM! All of them are now winners because they are the only ones who joined. Since all of these entries are now surefire winners, these are now officially owned by Reyna Elena Dot Com. Now, what you’re voting for are the orders of the winners!

Walang WORLD PEACE SA ENTRY NA TO MGA KABISYOOO DAHIL OKRAYAN BEGINS NOW!!! HAHAHA!!! All of these entries, sabi ni Roni, are subject to public humiliation!!! HAHAHA

VOTING ENDS 2/28/08 12:00 Midnight Eastern Standard Time (Time in New York and Philadelphia) and that would be 12 noon on 2/29 in Manila.

Flying Voters:
1.) Part of You
2.) Antipatika
3.) Pusang Maganda
4.) Archilles Esguerra
5.) Buraot
6.) SEO Contest 2008
7.) Dakilang Tambay
8.) Beyond the Horizon by Ely
9.) Itots
10.) Monaco
11.) Kotsengkuba
12.) Beng
13.) Billyboxergirl
14.) Ruthie
15.) Melai
16.) Repah
17.) Glitchline
18.) Katrina Sy
19.) Scarty
20.) Jojitah
21.) Iris
22.) Jessie Simbulan
23.) melborne jeffrey quinto
24.) Joseph Andrew
25.) Diwatang Byaning
26.) Ayamaya
27.) Antuken
28.) Miss Pink Biik
29.) Joanjoyce
30.) Sherliez
31.) Buratzki
32.) Amor
33.) Lovelyn
34.) Eva
35.) Reggie
36.) Abbytootskie
37.) XaEron
38.) Orangeinks
39.) Nina
40.) Liza-Fleur
41.) Kei
42.) Kodakan
43.) Joyjoy
44.) Chuva Chienes
45.) Jennie
46.) Dyosa
47.) Parisukat
48.) Blogloco
49.) Aldrik
50:) Emotera
51:) Lizz
52.) Thesserie
53.) Kalokah
54.) Jegs
55.) Abad Enriquez
56.) Ryan
57.) Selvo
58.) Gomby
59.) Aimzter
60.) Ronald
61.) Ryan
62.) Simang
63.) Wowasianboy
64.) Jhelenie
65.) JP aka Elmo
66.) Lad Madrigal
67.) Mckhoii
68.) Marikenya
69.) Ferbert (EarDrama)
70.) Sinaglaya
71.) Shengsantos
72.) Hannah
73.) Jeangray
74.) Jeric
75.) Nerigobiz
76.) Yorgo
77.) L
78.) Annie
79.) Ka Puroy
80.) Malen
81.) Bluepanjeet
82.) Zang Cesar
83.) Blognation
84.) Pinoy Tourist
85.) Doekings
86.) Lazarus

It’s 8:14pm – VOTING ENDS at 12:midnight EST 2/28 in Philadelphia; 12 noon 2/29 in Manila.

VOTE NA! NOW NA! and let me know! HAHAHA!

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