Frootang Ina mo!

by reyna13 on September 24, 2008

If young can cook? so can you!


Once in a while, I?d be enamored by a blog. I?d just be sitting here, reading those mixed words wid forced ajinomotos, wits and charms the heck out of me. I?ve featured some of them in my blog. Close to my green taste buds as you know, are humour blogs. Well, I do frequent Ellenville and Money Smarts, essentially to be in touch with both the political and financial events back home. Hardly you?d expect me to even blog about cooking. I don?t like cooking but I do like handsome cooks, although this blogger is one handsome cook that I?d rather not personally look! Bwahaha!

Not until he posted this one entry that I thought, “you know dude! Eye em gonna plaster your blog in my balaytsina!”

If you have some badoodles neutron in you, you?d like this blog. Just look at his blog categories:

Coffee Tea or ME?
Frootang Ina mo!
Cooking Ng Ina Mo!
Cooking Ng Ina Mo Din!
Heart Attack Foods
Melts In Your Mouth
Public Service

Until one leche day that I was reading his blog, I came across his entry to the effect that ?If young can cook, so is the Prime Minister of Thailand!?. Whoah! Leche! Kelan pa naging political blogger si Young?!

Here?s an excerpt:

If YoungCan cook, so can you!!!] Hahahaha? Amfootahg Samak has been living his double life as a prime minister at cooker uhg? How you guys wanted to see Gloria Arroyo cooking her cooking ng ina nya on some television show sponsored by Car%$% and or Magg*&&^ hehehe?

Here’s the blog I am talking about: Young Can Cook. Young is an Overseas Pinoy. Now, he not only cooks, he has another site that I could not find. I believe it’s called, “Walk with Young“. I guess to find WORLD PEACE.