I’m thinking of taking some legal action

by Mel on October 28, 2008

When I started looking for a job, I knew that I will be rejected by many. And yes, I was. Some of them sent me the standard rejection letters that they?ll be keeping my resume for 100 years in their loser?s database. There were those who just remained silent. And there were those with the typical response, ?We?ll call you!?

When I went to Chicago for an interview, I was just too cute for them to handle that they verbally offered the job to me right there. They wanted me to start right away, ?We wanted you yesterday!? That was the response by the Executive Director. She was so happy with me ?We?ll do anything and you just let us know what you need to move to Chicago!? was what she told me. She even increased the offered salary plus a car allowance. The verbal job offer was confirmed in writing.

I accepted the job offer on October 8, 2008. I faxed a copy of my acceptance the very same day as instructed.

The Executive Director was very happy with my acceptance. She would send me an email: ?Thanks Reynz. Thanks a million!? in bold fonts.

The following morning, I received a call from a former co-worker. She quit her job too. She?s now a Director with another company. I helped her land that job. She told me that she went to Harrisburg on a meeting and met the Executive Director who hired me. She told her that she just hired the smartest guy from our previous work. Not that it matters, but of course, that would make the Executive Director a lot more comfortable with me.

Having found a job, I decided to go home to Manila to attend to some personal matters before starting with the new job in Chicago. I cleared this up with my future employer who ok’d my travel. I flew back to Philadelphia yesterday, Sunday, October 26, 2008.

Since I was going to start on Nov 3, 2008, I was planning to drive to Chicago either this Tuesday or Wednesday (October 28 or 29, 2008) and look for an apartment.

This was by far one uber-tiring travel given that I was social climbing with Pinoy Bloggers and Janetter Toral at PAGCOR last nite. I only had about 2-3 hours of nap time. Not sleep. I arrived home in Philadelphia at 7 pm Sunday, which would be 7 am Monday in Manila. There was a letter from Chicago addressed to me dated October 14, 2008. Shocked to the bones, putang ina! They withdrew the offer of employment dated October 2, 2008 which I accepted on October 8, 2008. It’s 9:30am now on a Monday and I have get to get some sleep. Punyeta talaga! Grrr!

There wasn?t going to be a Chicago job waiting for me. I?m thinking legal action. But first, I need to find some legal advice. Can I sue them for damages? Will it prosper? Or should I just drink vodka-tequila-gin/tonic-blowjob-sex in the city-syoktong tonight?

Here’s the job offer dated October 2, 2008

Here’s my acceptance dated October 8, 2008; faxed on the same day

Here’s the Executive Director’s a million thank you response on October 10, 2008.

Here’s the withdrawal of the job offer dated October 14, 2008, postmarked October 15, 2008

The withdrawal was not signed by the Executive Director rather, by the Acting Hiring Director. Wait, not really – but by another person. Noticeably, the Executive Director was not cc’d nor copied by this letter.