I see a lot of corrupt people!

by reynz on December 10, 2008

UPDATE: Bolante release act of ‘statesmanship’

CHARING?! REALLY?! “The Senate decision to release former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante from detention was an “act of legislative statesmanship and prudence,” Senator Joker Arroyo said Thursday. Bolante, accused of engineering the so-called P728-million fertilizer fund scam, walked out of the Senate Wednesday night after a week in detention there for allegedly lying and being evasive during hearings of the Senate blue ribbon committee.” Yon ang chika. Namannn!!!

Spread this video!

I’m asking you all la cucuracha to spread the beauty of one artistic chenalyn ever of this gurl who is doing our turd world kawntri some favor! Spread this video around! Play this at the church! Hahaha! Support our cause! Don’t make tulog! Let’s make baka! No to cha-cha!

Corrupt people roams freely

Where I came from, corrupt people are like gremlins freely roaming the Streets of the Philippines, like they own the entire country. They’re hissbands (mga ahas eh!), wives, sons and daughters of the goddess of yuk! husband of fk, siblings that you’ll puke. They’re all living with monies that’s supposed to be my kapwa ko mahal ko! People who are supposed to catch them are all singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You!”

Senate Seat On Sale Now!

Here in the US, the latest chorva is this guy! I swear to all the fugly fairy god mother! Wag na wag nitong ilalabas ang pangalan that I was buying the Senate seat or else, i-ba-blag ko pa sya bukas!

Who am I talking about? This guy. Il nombre de’l hijo de leche est Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Sounds family? Nah! Not his last name, but what he’s accused of. Nag-bebenta nang isaw ang puta! Hahaha! Ginawang balut penoy ang Senate seat na mababakante ni Obama in Illinois. Hehehe!

Big difference!

Just to show you that corruption is not exclusive to my own turd world kawntri of conio’s and aeta’s halubilo together in one fantasy dream of world peace and quiet in the Philippines without the smell of pulbura in Mindanao or in some mountains called Cordillera. Yet, one thing I am proud of my America the Beautiful is that, corrupt people like him are not above the law and boy! What an idiot!

Now… how come they won’t do this thing in the Philippines? Que pasa momma mia?!