2nd State of the Barrio Address (SOBA)

by reynz on May 25, 2009

Maganda ang everything around the Barrio mga kunichiwa! If I was grinning in my 1st SOBA, then I’m dancing like Simba here because of what I’m going to tell ya’all. I’m telling you, masaya talaga sa Barrio! You know the basics of what we are:

Our mission: Keep social climbing alive!
Our vision: World peace! (Wala kaming interes makipag-away! Pramis! Hehehe!)
Our BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal): Win the hearts and minds of Pinoys around the world, one Barrio at a time.

So, let’s brag some more!

How are we doing?

Well, after 8 days? Not bad at all. We started from zero, then:

  • Alexa ranked Barrio Siete at the 20 millionth position two days later.
  • Another two days would put us at 13 million.
  • As if that’s not enough, two more days and we’re at 9 million.
  • TODAY? If you click Alexa, you’ll see our real traffic rank at 4 million! Average na pagenjoy sa Barrio in 20 minutes! Ba! Tagal nun ah! Baka sunog na mga sina-saing nyo dyan! Uy! Wag nyong sisihin ang Kapitan! Hehehe!
  • Traffic Rank Barrio Siete

What’s with our credentials?

It’s a very long story. It all started here and here. Our credentials will at least tell you who we are, where we’re coming from and behind it is our journey to what and where we are now. We all paid our dues to get those and we earned them through ~prsst~ *hikbi* hu! hu! hu! Credentials does not equal quality entries, but at least there’s an expectation that it will be and it if comes to a point where there would be people who’d be swayed with our views and opinions, our bonafides are out there.

Error 606: Pa-link please!

It’s tough to build a blog. You spend time, money, effort and then get bullied by self-proclaimed intellectuals. With the rise in our Alexa rankings, not only was there a rise in “Haleka Invites to meet Reyna Elena“, but also, there is an unbelievable number of requests to link with Barrio Siete. No offense intended, but us here in Barrio Siete do not believe in “Pa-link please!”. All of us here paid our dues and worked very hard to be known, not by bullying but by crunching out some quality and meaningful blog entries and social climbing to the maks. While Barrio Siete is committed to helping new Pinoy bloggers get their talents out and be known, do try to learn the basics of social climbing. That’s what you do everyday in life anyway. Apply it in Pinoy blogosphere.

Fee wa pay here

Barrio Siete Dot Com is your place to shine, that’s all that we can do. Thus, Dayong Baryo and Regular Contributors don’t get any form of payments of any kind by joining. However, we will shower you with araw-araw na papuri and ‘Pa-kiss nga Pre! At dahil nga collective blog kami, the template was bought by Bluepanjeet, the domain and webhosting is owned and/or paid by Reyna Elena, the maintenance is free from Kotsengkuba, traffic at referree of entries para walang magsalpukan is being managed by Silver and Cat and if I start paying these people, can you imagine kung magkano ang singil saken nang services ni Cat? Hallerrr!!! That spells bankruptcy to me! Pano na mga boylets ko?!

Barrio Siete Language

English, Tagalog, Taglish, Badingerzie; Bottom line, we expect our writers to deliver their message in their entries that could be understood by the majority. Although highly intellectual and scholarly writings will be considered, pero mas bagay siguro ang mga entries na yan sa New England Journal of Medicine sa library nang Harvard University instead of Barrio Siete. Getz?

Janette Torral’s Emerging Influential Blog

Yes, to those of you who emailed La Kapitana, Barrio Siete Dot Com is qualified to join. And sure! We would love you all to nominate us. We mean business and we are serious with Barrio Siete Dot Com. Besides, with how fast and furious the entries and comments here, are we influential now?! Hahaha! This is one talamak na promotion with tapang apog because I am simply proud of the writers here, and I believe Barrio Siete Dot Com is an emerging and will be an influential blog in the future, kaya, do vote for us. Kundi, babatuhin ko kayo! Hmpt!

Talamak den akong nagka-campaign sa aking TOUGH 10 Choices for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009! I know, I know, this is not Barrio Siete no more. Di ko lang mapigil. Sorry.

  1. Dare to speak out!
  2. Dear Bloggery
  3. It’s Johnonymous!
  4. The Struggling Blogger
  5. Chocolateword
  6. Desert Fishing
  7. Sa labas nang Mandaluyong
  8. VACANT but will soon be filled
  9. Extra Super Special Batchoy with Egg
  10. Flamindevil

Join us! Barrio Siete is a riot!

We still have a number of categories and slots that are vacant and hope to be managed by a Councilor. Walang eleksyon samen. Nadadaan sa suhol ang Kapitan. Our Barrio is in need of Doctors, Lawyers, OFW’s, Nurses, Fashionistas, SEO talents, Ukay Ukay Professionals and many more. Just email me and let me know of your interest in joining. Barrio Siete Dot Com is your place to shine! Pramis!