Take 3: Reyna’s Top 10 Choices: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

by reynz on June 7, 2009

Can you believe this? Eto! Final na talaga! With all my credentials and I am not getting this right? Hehehe! Leche! Hindi kasi to pinag-aralan sa MBA, kaya wag nyo akong sisihin! Parang naririnig ko si Itay! “Mag-aral ka uli!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Palpak ako sa Take 1, at mas lalong wez ko check ang Take 2, and hopefully, I get this right this time. As the saying goes, “try and try! until kasuklaman ka!” hehehe!

Most of my choices are still the same, except for Brother Utoy who was disqualified. So, I guess, talagang hindi na yata ako saved hehehe! Kasi, papalitan ko na sya. And I am choosing BARRIO SIETE. Which took me forever to decide hehehe! Charing! Haller!

I chose Barrio Siete largely because of the great company I have in the Barrio and the concept that we have is real and is working. This is going to be one large online community of domestic and overseas Filipinos who have succeeded in their quest for success despite struggles, hardship and adversities in life. That place, or phase in life is what we call “Barrio Siete“. It’s a concept. And we are determined to push Barrio Siete to play some meaningful role in the future. I don’t know what role yet, basta! And given the initial success of Barrio Siete, I don’t see why not! Let me brag a bit!

Here’s our one-week record!


That’s a week’s record folks! An average of 20 minutes is being spent on our site. Meaning, nina-nam-nam nila ang aming mga sinusulat. Wagi! And then it went to this:


And to this.


To this…


You want to know what it is now?


And so, here are my complete list of Reyna’s Top 10 Choices: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009!

  1. Dare to speak out!
  2. Dear Bloggery
  3. It’s Johnonymous!
  4. The Struggling Blogger <-- WALA NANG LINK! Leche!
  5. Chocolateword
  6. Desert Fishing
  7. Writing to Exhale (Formerly: Sa labas nang Mandaluyong) <--- Dapat pinasok na lang to uli sa loob!
  9. Extra Super Special Batchoy with Egg
  10. Flamindevil