Unexpected media coverage of Barrio Siete during Cory Aquino's historic event

by reynz on August 9, 2009

Nearing our 10-day mourning period in honor of Tita Cory, Barrio Siete Dot Com is very happy to have given full blog coverage to one historic event that just recently transpired, the passing of our one and only Tita Cory. It’s our small contribution in honor of President Cory Aquino and Senator Benigno Aquino. But that very small contribution, surprisingly, has given us, Barrio Siete Dot Com, an unexpectedly back-to-back media coverage beyond our expectations. Trulalang ningning ever and if you think about it, wala pa tayong 3 months sa Pinoy Blogworld and we are already making so much wave. And so, we are truly, truly grateful to all those who noticed us (psst! me ADD ang La Kapitana! hahaha!) and we are just uberly thankful to all of them.

We’re very proud of our Project: Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino! that reververated around the Philippines and all over the world. The idea might have started from La Kapitana, but this was discussed through emails to everyone in da Barrio and so therefore, the honor was not just mine, but to all of us in da Barrio.

Kaya naman, we appreciate the coverage we received from GMA News TV:

touch a blogger gma news

(CORRECTED VERSION) Last Thursday July 23, Filipino-American blogger La Kapitana who maintains Barrio Siete (“Keep social climbing alive!”) began the online campaign with an appeal: “My fellow bloggers, I invite you to Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!

Within days, the “yellow-ribbon fever” had spread all over the Web with various blogs and social networking sites expressing their love for the country’s democracy icon, and adorning their pages with yellow ribbon images. Others handed out free templates of the iconic bows.

Because the original news was wrong, we sent an email to GMA News TV, but they never responded. I was told by Silver, that there was a new Editor in chief at that time when the news of Barrio Siete came out. Be that as it may, while I was watching the live streaming of Cory’s funeral, Howie Severino saw me online and sent me an apology that I only noticed after several minutes because the chat messages were flying. And of course, I was happy to get that from Howie Severino himself.

touch a blogger howie apology news

We are also very happy to read the coverage we received from ABS-CBN and are happy knowing that Leilani Chavez did her research work properly.

touch a blogger abscbn news

As a gesture of support for the ailing president, supporters from the online community have been placing yellow ribbons in their blog sites and social networking accounts since June 24, the day when Mrs. Aquino’s condition became unstable.

The call for posting yellow ribbons online started with Reyna Elena of Barrio Siete (http://barriosiete.com/touch-a-blogger-tie-a-yellow-ribbon-for-cory-aquino/) on July 23, heeding the call of Aquino supporters to tie a yellow ribbon as a way of expressing support for the country’s first female president.

As of posting, Reyna Elena has linked 57 blog sites with yellow ribbons.

We also found out that Alexander Villafania of the Philippine Daily Inquirer also picked us up in his entry.

touch a blogger inquirer news

Virtual’ yellow ribbon

One of the more popular images that came out since Mrs. Aquino’s medical condition became known was the virtual yellow ribbon, which started on July 23 by the blog forum Barrio Siete (http://barriosiete.com/touch-a-blogger-tie-a-yellow-ribbon-for-cory-aquino/).

The call gathered steam in the following weeks as her condition worsened. Many users pasted the iconic yellow ribbon on their blogs and even on their pictures.

And while watching the funeral coverage, I was watching and listening to this ANC reporter while I was having coffee in front of my laptop… and to my surprise, he was talking about Barrio Siete in his newscast! Hahaha!

touch a blogger anc news

And after talking about Barrio Siete, he mentioned this one blog entry by Mahalia, one of our Barrio Siete Writers.

touch a blogger anc news1

Sight nyo naman di ba? Transparency ever that Barrio Siete Dot Com has some of the best writers in the whole of Pinoy Blogworld. Kaya naman, it’s not surprising if we get these unexpected media coverage at talagang maligayang maligaya kami ever. Feel namen na we must be doing something to level of korakness.

Unfortunately, we are losers. Losers kami sa Influential Blog Awards.

Care to pass one glass of suka around?!