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The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards: How could they miss Charice?!

by reynz on December 3, 2010

First, I’m terribly disappointed with the Grammys! The nominees for the 53rd Grammy Awards just came out and I could not believe that Charice was not nominated at all! How could they miss Charice?! What planet are these people from?!

I browsed through the list. I checked the names of the nominees. I even checked the spelling just to make sure they wrote it down properly – but I did not see Charice! Argh!~!@#$%^&*(<>?!! I was expecting her pa naman to be on two (2) categories at least. The Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and The Best New Artist. NADA!

Instead, check out these nominees!

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

King of Anything – Sara Bareilles
Halo (Live) – Beyonce
Chasing Pirates – Norah Jones
Bad Romance – Lady Gaga[ EXPERT PICK ]
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

True! Most of these artists are raking in gazillion of greenbucks and a number of hit songs, but I thought the category was about being the best vocal performance of a female artist?! Ok. Maybe Beyonce and Norah Jones. But Lady Gaga?! Or Katy Perry?!

Scuse me while I kiss this guy, ok?! Hmpt!

Now, let’s check who’s on the Best New Artist list, shawee?!

Best New Artist

Justin Bieber
Florence + the Machine
Mumford & Sons
Esperanza Spalding

Ok. Who in the world is Drake?! Mumford and Sons?! Isn’t that a construction company?! What about Esperanza Spalding. That’s like baseball, right?! What I’m saying is that, maybe Justin Bieber could be DA best new artist, but com’on now!!!

Here’s the list of the nominees to the 53rd Grammy Awards with no vocal talents. They probably just tweaked their voices digitally!