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A review of the Reproductive Health Bill Grand Debate, Video # 1

by reynz on May 28, 2011

After translating the RH Bill, from section 1 to 34, into our own brand of Bicol in our town, then translating it again in Bicol (Legazpi), I decided to review the Grand Debate on RH Bill that was sponsored by GMA News TV. I thought I would have a better appreciation of the debate given that I have now read and almost memorized the bill.

Here’s my review of the first video.

2:55 Congresswoman Magsaysay said na wag nang ipasa ang RH Bill dahil andun na sa Section 17 on Magna Carta for Women ang right to choose.

True. Sec. 17 of the Magna Carta is the Women’s Right to Choose. The provisions are the same. Respect for the religion that they believe in, maternal care to include post and pre-natal care, prevention of abortion, in cases of violence against women and children – comprehensive medical services shall include medical and legal intervention.

RH Bill, however, expands what’s stated on Magna Carta.

3:21 Education is the ultimate solution. Family planning alone cannot solve poverty.

Walang argument ang RH bill sa statement ni Magsaysay. Kung titingnan ang sinasabi sa Section 12, ang sabi multi-dimensional daw ang approach sa paglaban nang poverty. Kaya ang DOH ay gagawa nang paraan para ma-integrate ang responsible parenthood and family planning sa paglaban nang poverty.


11:02 Hindi binibigayan nang pansin ang moralidad, wala yong ethical, nothing. Pangalawa, ang mga modern family planning methods ay maraming good points but there is a fatal flaw. Hindi lang eto mga contraceptives kundi mga abortifacients dahil ini-la-laglag ang mga nabuo na sa pagtatalik nang mag-asawa. Hindi na sya contraception kundi abortion.

15:40 Humanae Vitae and also 5:20

At 5:20, Manny Pacquiao said “labag sa utos nang Panginoon” which is exactly what Humanae Vitae is.

Bacani argued that the RH bill is unethical and has no morals. Isn’t it that morality is about right and wrong? Isn’t it that most laws if not all, put in legal form is about right and wrong? Is it safe to argue that all laws legislate morality? I think the better question is “Whose morals are we legislating?” di ba?

20:08 exactly the question of Risa Hontiveros to Bacani in that, during the GMA corruption years, the bishops were nowhere to be found and did not even call for civil disobedience to the wanton corruption of the Arroyos. Bacani admitted that they did not have a unanimous decision to call for GMA’s ouster. Which is sad, because what kind of morality is this?

Bacani focused on abortion. But the RH bill is not about abortion. On Section 2, the government’s stand is still the fact that abortion is illegal. The RH bill is focused on medically safe and legal reproductive health services and supplies. This is about freedom of choice and teaching couples on responsible parenthood through family planning both the natural way, which the church advocates and the modern method, which this RH bill is introducing. The RH bill is about empowering women and promoting not only their rights but also the welfare of the children.

22:50 Dr. Sylvia Claudio says, iba ang syensya ni Bacani sa syensya nya at iba ang konsensya nya sa konsensya ni Bacani. Ang kilos nang simbahan ngayon ay hindi nagpapakita nang pag-respeto sa pananaw nang maraming Pilipino na ayon sa survey ay sang-ayon sa RH bill. Hindi magkakahati hati ang mga Pilipino kung hindi ipinipilit nang isang sector nang simbahang katoliko sa lahat nang Pilipino ang kanilang paniniwala.

25:30 Dr. Dean Campo Cruz argued na ayaw nya na ang kanyang tax ay bayaran ang mga kontraseptibo dahil it’s against her morals. Ok. Fair point. I don’t know how the gov’t will separate her tax payments and if it will be cost effective for the gov’t to make her happy. Magtayo na lang kaya ang sang to nang sarili nyang gobyerno???

25:58 Ako po’y 35 years nang OB-GYN and according to her, it’s against her morals to do some of the procedures that the bill is asking her to do. She is talking about Section 28-Prohibited Acts where a health professional cannot discriminate on a person’s marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal circumstances, or nature of work to perform a required procedure. If the objection of the health professional is that it is against her religious conviction, in the case of Campo Cruz arguments that it is against her morals, she must refer this case to another person who will do the procedure. Because she referred the case to another health professional, she is therefore guilty of material cooperation. Pwes, ikulong na ang babaeng to.

28:11 ang issue naman nya eh ang mga kabataan eh makukuha ang mga condoms and contraceptives na libre. Hindi ba na ang paghihikayat sa mga bata sa pag-gamit nang condom ay isang pagtanggap nang kahinaan o kakayahan nila sa pagpapakita nang tunay at busilak na pagmamahal sa isa’t isa.

Ano ba? Eh baka nag-paparaos lang nang init! Para mo nang sinabing bawal mag-masturbate!

Best arguments:

1.) When Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel asked Bacani about the moral of the bishop by not calling for GMA’s ouster despite the massive corruption that happened.

2.) When Dr. Sylvia Claudio pointed out to Bacani that the church is very disrespectful in that the reason for the nation’s division on this issue is because a certain sector of the church is forcing their belief to the majority of Filipinos who believed that the country needs an RH bill.

Best debate manners:

1.) Magsaysay
2.) Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel
3.) Tendero

Worst debate manners

1.) Bacani
2.) Bacani
3.) Bacani

Annoying moments

1.) I’m sorry but I cringed listening to Manny Pacquiao.
2.) Bacani is insulting, full of air, arrogant and has no proper debate manners.
3.) Campo Cruz argument that her tax payments vis-à-vis the gov’t purchase of contraceptives is very kanto-boy, very elementary and not “35-years na akong OBY-GYN”-Dean quality.

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Marlene Howe May 29, 2011 at 1:16 am

Hehehehehehe….. Bacani placed first, second and third of the worst debater while Pacquiao and Campo Cruz were annoying. Is there really a passage in the bible that says contraception is abortion and therefore a sin? They believe that all contraceptives are abortifacients! Even condom! They believe that prevention of implantation of fertilized ovum is a sin. Why is it only here in the Philippines that the church meddle in the state’s business? They don’t even do that in Italy where the Pope sits in the Vatican. They have contraception and divorce over there like any other catholic European countries.


Marlene Howe May 29, 2011 at 1:18 am

I jus thought I would share this poem here. It’s hilarious! Hahahahaha…

The RH Billboard (yawn…)
In the name of the Father let’s all go and screw
Multiple orgasms for both me and you
We’re born in this world, to go and get laid
Our purpose in life is to all fornicate
Our bodies are gifted with beautiful skin
We do not need condoms, and to use it is a sin
And don’t count the days; cause that’s frowned upon
The best way to go is bear daughters and sons
Don’t you dare do it, don’t pop that pill, were you not listening?
Thou shalt not kill!
And while you’re at it, don’t use that brain
Just follow the orders, no matter how lame
Our numbers must grow, we must multiply
Their coffers are full, but not satisfied!
By: Denver Dlr


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