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an apology to presidential bully Ma of Taiwan

by reynz on May 18, 2013

Dear President Ma of Taiwan,

I apologize you did not learn from Harvard that Balintang Channel, given that it is deep inside the Philippine territory is not international waters, you idiot! That’s the problem with pirated CD’s you people have been exporting! Care to check your map again? Taiwan is part of China. Now, you know.

I apologize your trust rating in Taiwan hit rock hard bottom. Not even your citizens trust you nor your party. And now, you’re using the Philippines and the Filipinos to prop up your hideous image and to look good in your island!!!

I apologize that international business news has it that your island economy is not doing well?! Karma! Don’t worry. You can always come to Ortigas at the POEA. They might just have an available job for you. In Afghanistan.

I apologize that you will soon need to apologize to the Philippines, the Filipinos, OFW’s in Taiwan, the international community, and the civilized world once the results of the investigation comes out. Keyword: Balintang Channel. Obvious, ain’t it?!

You need to make an apology drill.


The Queen of Talahib Country

Where is Balintang Channel?

“China will take over Taiwan one of these days and I will not shed a tear!”~Lauro Baja

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