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How to spot a fake vice-president

by reynz on February 4, 2017

How to spot a fake Vice President

1. Check the source. Not all people from Bicol Region are fake. Not all people from Naga City are fake. But 99.99% of the time, people coming the LPS (lips for short) are pigs. And pigs having a political party are fake.

2. Research before sharing. When picking a Vice Presidential candidate, research before you share them to the people, the country and the world. There are those who sport tsinelas and once shared as Vice President, they become loubotinis.

3. Read thoroughly. Especially their favorite quotes like, “It is important that we do not forget the humanity of the people we serve.” Fake Vice Presidents learn this quote typically when they fly to fabulous cities like New York in the middle of a typhoon, say in Bicol Region or maybe Naga City.

4. Consult an expert. Depending on the topic that our Fake Vice President is talking about, consult an expert in the said field to verify waddafaqs she’s talking about. Click my Facebook link for my suggested experts:


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