Reaction to False News in the Philipppines

I can’t comment on Malou Tiquia’s wall, keya dito na lang. The post that I am responding to is this:

“So who is asking the Q who started false news in PH? Who spun it? Who did a dry run for 6 years and is now perfecting it? Who supplied the stories to shape a desired end? Hey, #Ronin, is that you? This guy has shifted to SM. Be careful with your SM assets, you’d think it’s the same but they created a silent but virulent swarm. You have been warned.”

Keya nga sometimes I believe the Marcos martial law abuses were just stories by the media. I asked myself, baket grabe ang galet nang mga journalists ki Marcos? At the same time – baket grabe ang galet ni Marcos sa mga journalists? Korek? Then we go back sa mga lecheng payola nung panahon. And there it goes. Diva? Today – if you notice – the most rabid, the most vocal na kritiko nang mga martial law abuses ay mga journalists.

I remember President Duterte saying “Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bitch,” – You know what that means? Me mga kasalanan den ang mga journalists na to – sa true lang!

Today, are we seeing what the media did to Marcos then? Dahil TODAY, walang ginawa ang media but to portray President Duterte as this madman, the jackal, and worse the media partnered with not only the corrupt bastards in the government; sick institutions who were supposed to protect the Filipinos but it appears are actually protecting the oligarchs; but also the international media and dysfunctional institutions of the world! And all throughout sasabihin – oh yeah media media media we deliver the news to serve the people! Fuck that shit! I don’t believe that anymore! They deliver the news for their godfather!

And you know what’s even worse?!

National Union of Journalists of the Philippines. Isn’t that their group? How come there is not a single kurahaw from NUJP for every fake news? Baket wala? How come they condone fake news?! How come they condone twisted news? They seem to be happy at every slanted news!


Salamat salamat sa social media. Kung wala ang social media, how do we fight the fake news being fed to us by the local mainstream media?!



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