Shaming the Philippines for $5 US Dollars?

I read with interest the article that was written by a certain Joseph Tristan Roxas on GMA News Online. The article’s headline screamed: “DUE TO ‘BLOODY DRUG WAR’ Next to NoKor, PHL ranks 2nd least peaceful country in Asia Pacific region”.

And then his article goes:”Beaten only by North Korea, the Philippines ranked as the second-least peaceful nation in the Asia-Pacific region in 2017 due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s crackdown on illegal drugs and criminality.

“The Philippines’ overall score has deteriorated since new president Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016,” the Global Peace Index report said.

Oh wow!

The overall score deteriorated! I wonder what it was before! As I said, these are the types of news I like to investigate, verify and validate.

1.) My search started with the link to the Global Peace Index Report that was mentioned by Joseph Tristan Roxas in his news article.

2.) From there, it brings me to a site called Institute for Economics and Peace. It’s another think-tank founded by a certain IT entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea.

3.) I checked Steve’s Bio. There was nothing wrong with his bio. Quite impressive.  30 years’ experience in the information technology industry. Highly skilled in international marketing, business, and product strategy, he has developed two highly profitable global companies with exceptional track records of accomplishment. He is an entrepreneur.

From there, I decided to look at the 2015 and check the historical trend of the Global Peace Index. Here is the 2015 GPI:

Since Joseph Tristan Roxas compared the Philippines with North Korea, I highlighted the scores of the two countries. Do you see a big difference here?

  • North Korea’s color is red compared to that of the Philippines which is lighter. It means, the Philippines fared very well compared to North Korea.
  • Notice that between the Philippines and North Korea, that would be from position 142 to position 152, you will see Israel and Russia which are mighty countries! Can you count the number of countries we beat in terms of peacefulness?

Now, let’s check the 2016 GPI.

So what do we have on 2016?

  • The Philippines standing improved! Last year it was at 141. In 2016 it went to 139! Now, that’s two notches of improvement from last year. Why was it not mentioned? Was it wrong?
  • Also, did you notice that the color code was consistent from last year? According to the analysis, the level of peace in the region has remained largely unchanged since 2015. Heightened tensions in the South China Sea will continue to impact external relations between the three main nations concerned, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Well then, let’s check 2017 GPI. This is what Joseph Tristan Roxas highlighted. Let’s take a look!

So what do we have in 2017?

  • It’s another improvement from last year!
  • North Korea, on the other hand, remained stagnant!
  • Did you notice the arrow? It was up by 1 notch! Again – how come the title was different?

While the report mentioned that the Philippines and North Korea are the least peaceful in Asia-Pacific, it was only because they grouped them under Asia-Pacific, nothing more. In fact, even the GPI report itself is misleading. How can they claim that the Philippines overall score deteriorated when the GPI scores actually improved every year!

The real score that the report did not mention which is obvious from the scores is that – the Philippines consistently improved its peacefulness score!

  • GPI in 2015 – 141
  • GPI in 2016 – 139
  • GPI in 2017 -138

Instead of reporting the positive improvement of the Duterte Administration, I find it ludicrous for Joseph Tristan Roxas to present the country negatively! While I know that GMA News is another one of those local media news outfits that can’t be trusted, I asked myself – Who is this writer Joseph Tristan Roxas?

A few google clicks would lead me to this:

A web content writer, a paid blogger. In other words, he could be whatever you want him to be. He could be a physicist and write about atoms and particles, he could be a scientist and write anything about the moons of Jupiter and intergalactic highways, or he could be a molecular biologist – for $5 US fucking dollars and shame the country!

I don’t understand why the Philippines will have to be welded together with North Korea instead of highlighting the improvement in the GPI scores which signifies the result of President Duterte’s hard work to improve the Filipinos well-being!

Why shame the Philippines?


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