Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

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119 years. That’s how long our experience as a free nation.

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day, not only to reaffirm our belief for a sovereign and the independent Philippines free from outside control but also to re-establish that those principles handed down to us by our great grandfathers, our national heroes, are still the very same principles why we are free today.

Today is supposed to be a celebration of life, but at this moment we see the parade of several soldiers who gave their lives to defend our country against the terrorists in Marawi City. A bleak reminder that freedom and democracy are not free. I pay tribute to these men in uniform and to all others who participated in different mighty events that transformed our nation to what it is right now. I thank them and their family for all the sacrifices they made.

While most of us believe that the 1987 Constitution needs some tweaking and polishing, we have the assurance and confidence that this very Constitution continues to guarantee our freedom and democracy. That remains firm and unshaken.

And while the Philippine social media world is chaotically on fire amid all the clashes between political colors, I do not believe that we are a divided nation. Because whatever lies ahead for our country, I know we are all in this together, first as Filipinos and one as a nation.

And if we don’t band together as one against the enemies of the nation, leche! Mag-sabunutan na lang tayong lahat!



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