It’s the net benefits, stupid!

My article today is in response to an “investigative” reporting written by a certain blogger named Pia Ranada. In her “EXCLUSIVE” blog article, she wrote:

Did you notice the last sentence?

“In one trip, expenses shoot up to P31.8 million ($636,000) a day.”

That’s how bad it was, according to blogger Pia Ranada. To prove how bad it was, she posted this comparison.

What’s implied from the blog article are these:

a.) President Duterte cannot exceed the expenses incurred by his predecessors.
b.) Since his travel expenses tripled, it is considered a bad, bad thing for the country.

Tiningnan ba ni Blogger Pia Ranada ang benefits? Yes. In one sentence. Heto ang sabi.

That’s all there is to it in Blogger Pia Ranada’ investigative reporting. Ganun lang. Hindi nya pinakita ang investment pledges. What a very poor comparison. Para bang, all things considered, all factors surrounding President Duterte’s trip are the same under the 3 presidents. In her mind, Php1 of expense is equal to Php1 of revenue, kesehodang si Aquino, si Arroyo or si Duterte man sya. If the expense goes over Php1 then he’s not doing a good job!

I asked myself, ganun ba talaga ang writer na yan? Did she really missed to understand the intent of the expense? Kasi, if you miss the intent of the expense, then you miss the whole point which is the investment pledged. Korak?! Well. Hindi naman siguro dahil nga she wrote that one line, “Time will tell if Duterte‚Äôs foreign trips in his first year will be worth their hefty price tags.”

Dito ako irita because these people deliberately undermine lahat nang sinabi ni President Duterte or his actions and publish intentionally inaccurate stories and feed the agenda of hate! So let me help the blogger with the missing part sa investigative reporting nya para naman me semblance of balance ang sinulat nya!

Here you go!

See that simple worksheet I made?

The investment pledges I entered exclude those from other Southeast Asian Countries like Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Tama na yang nakalista dyan. Baka kasi mahirapang mag-add ang ibang mga bloggers dyan.

Next, it is difficult to determine the length in years of the benefits of these investment pledges so I used the number of years of the President’s term to determine the yearly benefits. Ganun lang ka-elementarific. Annually, lumalabas na Php269 billion pesos sya!

Finally, Yes! Yon pong present value & inflation will play a part and affect future benefits. Aba eh baka dumugo lalo yung utak nang isa dyan! So that was excluded too!

Listen, this is nothing but a straight-up calculation! Para sa mga bloggers na hindi nakaka-intindi dyan!@#$%^&*(

So now tell me – granted for the sake of argument pa na tama yong numbers ni Blogger Pia Ranada that President Duterte travel expenses ay tripled and amounted to Php386,200,000. Compare that with the estimated revenues annually coming from investment pledges which are about Php269 billion pesos!

You tell me now if President Duterte’s travel expenses is a bad, bad thing.


1.) Abe pledges $8.7B in investments, speedboats to Philippines
2.) Duterte secures $925-M worth of investment pledges from Middle East
3.) Duterte brings home $24B from China

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10 thoughts on “It’s the net benefits, stupid!

    • Author gravatar

      Typical people like Ranada who will hide behind the veil of not directly stating something but will strongly imply it and let those who agree with her make the statement for her. That’s pure and simple cowardice and oozing with malicious intent while she lets other people say what she strongly implied. She should stop calling herself a “journalist” because she’s not. She’s just a paid, malicious writer who writes for the most malicious blog site ever [Rappler].

    • Author gravatar

      Very well explained kamahalan. Lab yahhhh

    • Author gravatar

      Uh, hindi naman about investment pledges yung article niya. Ang kinekwestyon doon yung expenses nung mga biyahe. Ibang usapan ata ang investment pledges ate.

      • Author gravatar

        Yup, expenses nga.. but the approach was negative when the point of those trips are positive.. and this expense and purpose goes side by side.. di lang puro gastos ang pinupuna dapat equivalent results..

        • Author gravatar

          Go back to elementary and study history. we all know from past experiences that most of those pledges won’t come to light. other admins also made trips with less expense. di nila ginagawang JUNKET ang trips unlike PDUTS na pati si Baste kasama at si kabit na Honeylet

      • Author gravatar

        The original article is also comparing total amounts of DIFFERENT NUMBER OF TRIPS. For example – 368mil for 21 trips for PRRD but 101mil for only 7 for PNoy in the first year. Should also be comparing the average PER DAY rather than focusing on the total amount.

        Pia’s article is blowing it out of proportion. Considering the total amounts and the number of trips – the cost per trip is roughly 18mil and 14mil for PRRD and PNoy respectively. That doesn’t even factor in the number of days per trip so the article is skewing the reader to view the expenses as a negative.

      • Author gravatar

        lol! ket “ate” d mo ba ku-kwestiyon ket malaki ang expenses and for what purpose ang pag incur ng malaking expenses? of course malaki ang expenses kc naglilibot siya to other countries para makakakuha ng mga investment pledges for the Philippines — kung nagku-kumpara lang pala ng gastos eh d sana kinumpara din ang nakuhang kapalit sa expenses na yun — ilatag ang balance sheets — ilagay lahat dun pati na yung “possible returns” ng lecheng mataas na expenses na yun para lang me clarity why baket ganun ang ginastos ng bawa’t presidente. wag maging malisyoso or madumi sa pagre-report.

    • Author gravatar

      Ang tanga naman ng articler na ito. First those are PLEDGES. And if you know a little about economics and how things work–like in the past pledges of various administrations– most of those pledges won/t see the light of day. Who will invest in a country with a government who violates human rights? Tena, yung Russiian trtip was a JUNKET trip di pa maamin. He is just having a world travel –alam naman natin na mas effective if you lessen your trip sa pangungulecta ng PROMISES and just manage the country efficiently, which Duterte lacks.

      • Author gravatar

        Yong mga sugo nang Rappler, mga trolls ni Pia, pinadala para humirit pa. Wag na. Hindi kayo mananalo sa certified packing accountant! Pwe!

        Ulitin ko para maintindihan nang mga maliliit na utak gaya nung troll na si JeNn MiranDa. No, hindi kami nag-debate. Nag-hahalucinate siguro ampotangina.


        Ang investment pledges could come in several forms. Ganito.

        1.) Pwede syang loan na babayaran mo with interest.
        2.) Pwede syang grants na parang loan, pero depende sa program rules na kung masunod mo based on their compliance check, i-po-porgib nila ang loan.
        3.) Pwede syang capital on a per-need basis. Halimbawa ang Japan ay me mga projects sa Mindanao, pwede silang mag-pledge na – sige dagdagan namen nang 5 years uli ang tulong namen.


        Yang kasing mga troll nang Rappler mga genius yan sa google. In one second mga paranormal, next mo nya mga scientists na and then investment bankers pero mga pulpul talaga!


    • Author gravatar

      Isa ka pang tanga at pulpul Ricko! Mag-aral ka uli! Tse!

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