Children as drug runners, thieves and rapists!

In one of President Duterte’s speeches, I heard him say that the reality right now is many children are working in cahoots with drug users and drug pushers. They’ve become drug runners, thieves and rapists!

When you have children actively being involved in the drug trade, what are the chances that children will be killed? Whose responsibility is that? President Duterte? Puh-leeze!

Don’t even convince me that they’re poor that’s why they have to do drug trade to feed the family. Enough with that melodrama! We grew up poor, ok?!

Tigilan ang Reyna! Hindi kasalanan ni President Duterte kung namatay yong bata. Period! You want kids to be alive? Pwes, tell them to say NO on drugs!

My ghad! I hate drugs!

But let’s focus people! Focus!

The issue is NOT the 17 years old. Leave him in peace.

The issue is the 49 years old.

He pissed off 16 million people!!!


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