This is what President Duterte said about killing drug addicts!

Anti-Duterte people continue to twist what the President said all in the name of maligning the President. The international media who’s a pawn of the local mainstream media in the Philippines trumpets the same erroneous statement to fit the Yellow agenda.

In truth, this is what President Duterte said:

“Make no mistake about it. I repeat again for everybody’s consumption. Do not kill if you are not in danger of losing your life. But in effecting an arrest, when there is a violent resistance because in effecting an arrest you have to overcome the guy to bring him to the folds of the law. If you cannot bring him to the police station if you cannot place him under the control of the law because that is your job to arrest which means to overcome the resistance. But if the resistance is violent, thereby placing your life in jeopardy, shoot and shoot him dead. Can’t I be more clearer than that.”


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