Reyna Elena Dissects Sass Important Sassot Duro-Duro Justification

So nag-offer nang explanation si Sass Important Sassot kumbakit nya dinuro-duro yong taong walang ka-alam alam on the Jover Laurio interview. In other words, the Our Lady of Call Me BBC basically qwa-kwak on the wrong tree.
So let’s dissect the entry mga kabisyo, sha-wee? We’re gonna see what’s the justification why she made duro-duro the guy Jonathan.

When we perform analintek review, what we’re gonna do is identify those valid points from those that are not, ok? Para bang, when in a debate, you should immediately identify the key points and ignore the ratsadas that were just injected to fool yah. Ok. So what’s the definition of valid points here? Well, because the issue of the BBC duro duro is about Jover Laurio and the international prostitute issue, and the fact that Our Lady of Call Me BBC was not invited. So the valid points are only limited to those issues. You understand me? I learned that not from the University of Nothing Follows but when I went to business school in Jumerika. You not only use that technique in debates but also in speed reading.

So let’s start sentence by sentence to justify the duro-duro.

1.) Ang daming kuda tungkol sa ginawa ko, pero mga ka-IDS, have you ever written even one LETTER OF COMPLAINT sa BBC for their biased reporting?

Justification 1 – Because she has written a letter of complaint to BBC, she has the right to duro-duro.

Was the Letter of Complaint about Laurio or about her not being invited for an interview? She did not specify. Therefore, given that the info was lacking key details, this is not a valid point.

2.) And followed it up?

Justification 2 – Because she followed it up – she has the right to duro-duro.

In terms of valid point? This is not a valid point because this is directly connected to number 1.

3.) Sige nga pakita nga ng evidence na hindi lang kayo puro dada sa Facebook?

Justification 3 – Because she has evidence – she has the right to duro-duro.

Again, this is not a valid point because she’s talking about a completely unknown point in numbers 1 and 2.

4.) Puro dada, kuda, at kung ano anong kaputahan at kawalang kabayagan, pero ano EXACTLY ang ginawa ninyo para ITAMA ang ginawagawang kababuyan ng iba’t ibang international media outfits?

Justification 4 – She’s insinuating that she’s the only person who has done something and the rest – zero, therefore she has the right to duro-duro.

It’s an invalid point. Same explanation as 1, 2 and 3.

5.) Deadma na lang?

Justification 5 – Because she ain’t gonna make any deadma a thing, she has the right to duro-duro.

It’s an invalid point. Same explanation as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

6.) Have you even supported protests rallies outside BBC for their past racism against Filipinos?

Justification 6 – Because she has supported rallies outside BBC for their past racism against Filipinos, she has the right to duro-duro.

Is this a valid issue? Not.

7.) Tell us: What exactly have you done, as in CONCRETE ACTIONS, to confront biased reporting of international media?

Justification 7 – So because she has halo blaks actions, justified sya to duro-duro.

Is this a valid issue? Not.

8.) Mga walang bayag.

Justification 8 – Because she has more than 2 bayags, justified sya. Therefore, tama ako. Namumulaklak ang singit nya nang bayag! My gas!

Eto yong sinasabi kong mga nakabitay na bombilya!

9.) Daig pa kayo ni Malcolm Conlan na isang BRITON.

Justification 9 – because kilala nya si Malcom Conlan, she is allowed to duro duro.

Who the hell is Malcom Conlan? Who the fuck cares!!! In debates, one of the techniques is to confuse the opponent and throw some alien thing and the opponent would be like… “You know I stepped inside my closet, and then I stepped out, I realized, I am still in my closet kinda thing.” Yeah that. They use this technique to confuse the enemy and impress upon them that “Hey! I am more knowledgeable than you because ka-chika ko si Malcom Conlan.”

Is this a valid point?! Leche! Alien thing na nga eh!

10.) Nakakahiya kayong mga Champagne DDS.

Ay hindi na ako to. Duda ko si Bruce V. Rivera na to At ang buong Status Hot!!! Hahahaha!

Conclusion? Her lips were moving but nothing’s coming out from it! Hokey?!

Kumbaga sa Bicol, alagad si Sass, patalon!

Listen mga kabisyo, of course justified si Sass Important Sassot to make duro-duro because she justified herself. Hahahaha! Eh sino pa bang mag ja justify sa kanya kundi sya! Korek ba?

Me valid point ba sya to make duro duro? WALA! As in WALAAA!

You know why? Because duro-duro is never a good thing and it is indefensible.

Kahit ibukaka nyo pa ang mga qui qui nyum blue! Duro-duro is indepensibol!!!~!@#$%^&*(

To defend duro-duro is to defend Luk-At-Me! And Sass Rogando Sassot is Jim Paredes reincarnation!


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