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So yesterday I received this notice from Facebook.

According to Facebook, they have to remove my update because a third party complained that it infringes on their copyright.

What is copyright infringement? Well, copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission.

That’s right. A third party complained of copyright infringement; the verdict was immediately handed down – guilty! Take down the post! And that was what Facebook did. The third party nor Facebook did not tell me precisely what I violated or what copyrighted item was infringed.

Instead this is what Facebook said:

Basically, what Facebook wants is that, “You settle it with the complainant! If both of you agree that the entry be re-posted, tell the complainant to specifically tell us so blah blah blah!”

Did you notice that Facebook Justice is totally slanted against me? And look at this statement, “The complaining party is not required to respond to your request.”

Talk about Nostradamus prophecy about a world where people are identified by numbers and if you violate the law, you’d be stateless and unknown by a click of a mouse! It is pretty telling of what the world is going to be, right?

While that flashed into my mind, I have no interest in trying to pull legislative strings so people can be prepared for that day. Nah. I just want to find out what I violated!

So I wrote an email to the complainant.

I was not expecting this person to respond. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. He wants to silence me.

Since I subscribe to software that checks plagiarism, one way of knowing if I am violating a copyrighted item, I thought I would run it here and check the result. The software also checks for grammar, and as you can see, since I wrote this in mixed English-Filipino gay speak, it has a lot of errors because it is not in English. Put that aside; there was no plagiarism involved.

So what did I violate? Nothing. What copyrighted item was infringed? Both Facebook and the 3rd party would not tell me. The reality is, there was no violation.

My Facebook friend Juan Cruz explains it this way:

“How does one get banned or blocked from accessing his account?

There are 2.7B users on Facebook today.

Facebook relies on the community to report posts, content for review.

With the number of users the platform has, imagine how many posts, content are submitted every second, every day.

Whether in- house or outsourced, Facebook cannot hire a realistically possible number of moderators to meet the capacity so give or take, they spend an average of 30 to 90 seconds per post review.
The probability of a post being taken down is higher if there’s nudity or pornographic content.
The probability of your report being rejected and you being told that your report is not in violation of any community standards is HIGH when only a HANDFUL report it.


If thousands, yerp, you read it right, THOUSANDS report your profile or your post or shared content, the likelihood of you getting banned is EXTREMELY high.

So, it is safe to say that:

– kaya nababan or nabblock ang certain users is because isang batalyon ang nagrereport.
Pano malalaman kung may violation ka nga kaya ka nablock? Actually, the better question is, pano mo maweed out ung friends at followers’ list mo kasi sila sila lang naman pwede magreport sayo?

– do NOT, i repeat, do NOT accept friend requests from people with less than 10 mutual friends.

– check your followers’ profiles. If they only have less than 5 friends, tapos iba ibang lahi pa, kabahan ka na.”

So in the coming days, maybe after Thanksgiving in the US, there will be major changes on both Edwin Jamora personal account and the Reyna Elena page. I will shut them down.

Watch for this page for new announcement.


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