An artwork image when there was none earned me a Facebook ban for 3 days

Yes, an artwork image when there was none earned me an Facebook ban for 3 days because this Khayrirr RR Woufe is determined to get me banned on Facebook forever.

So last night I lost my debit card after I had dinner with my family at a restaurant here in Philadelphia. I did not find that card anymore. I wrote that story last night on wall. It would become the subject of complaint by Khayrirr R.R. Woufe again.

Yes, Khayrirr R.R. Woufe striked again and got me banned on Facebook for 3 days. The first time he reported me for copyright infringement. This time, he reported me for copyrighted artwork. Was there an artwork on my FB update last night? Nothing.

This person is bent on getting me banned on Facebook. Apparently I can be reported for just about anything and Facebook does not review if the complaint is valid.

How can Facebook not review the complaint?

It is obvious that Khayrirr’s complaints are bogus yet he can get me banned!

Isn’t this crazy?

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