Is Vin Cunningham the notorious Khayrirr R.R. Woufe?

I woke up today to a series of emails from supporters. I will blog the images I received. One of which is this image where Facebook User Vin Cunningham is bragging those banned on Facebook. It’s easy enough to read.

1 – Edwin Jamora/Reyna Elena – on a bogus copyright infringement on my Lola article which was gayspeak.
7 – Edwin Jamora/Reyna Elena – on a sham image copyright on a material without an image.
7 – ?
7 – ?
30 – Darwin Canete
30 – Bryan Ng Co
Disabled – Reyna Elena personal account – I know this is a bit confusing because after that was disabled I opened a page under Edwin Jamora called (what else) Reyna Elena. I did not realize a personal account is banned, the page attached to the personal account is also banned. So that’s that!

FB User Vin Cunningham was able to fool Facebook and took a shot at the fact that Facebook does not review complaints if they are legitimate. Thus, anyone can complain about anything, and Facebook automatically hands down its verdict against the complained party without any adjudication. What’s worse is that Facebook wants you to contact the complaining party. The complaining party doesn’t need to respond! That’s the kind of justice Facebook have that whacks complained parties! That’s what Vin Cunningham and Khayrirr RR Woufe or Woulfe were able to take advantage!


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