Bogus complaints that are able to manipulate Facebook’s Terms and Conditions

I’m back, but I’m not back.

It’s a bit tricky getting back on the continuity train of blogging. I can write updates, but it doesn’t feel Reyna.

But here’s my take-away on the ban. Weird huh? And then I gained some more friends. Important friends.
The ban gave me the opportunity to experience the unexpected consequences of being cut off from the world’s largest social media site. Aw trust me. It’s not a good thing. In my case, I’m glad I was traveling.

But too some of you, it could be devastating. If it is that devastating, therefore, imagine the implications legally. Yes! LEGALLY. Are you getting my drift? If you’re not getting me, I won’t tell you.

Which brings me to this point – how can we help improve the Facebook platform by making sure that bots, fake accounts and bogus complaints using bogus emails do not count as a judge on your future in social media life?

It now appears that fake users and bots are able to manipulate FB’s terms and conditions and they can decide your existence on social media!

That’s what YOU need to write Facebook!


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