When one brags that he’s a graduate of a foreign university, there is a general belief that this person has learned a piece of this country’s culture, on the good side hindi yong sukdulang kademonyohan, in dealing with challenging situations. Let’s face it; there’s a little bit of a premium placed on the image of those who graduated from foreign universities. That’s the basic.

So when I saw this airhead made a spectacle of this BBC reporter, who was remotely connected to something that he was accused of, I was simply in disbelief as to what I had witnessed. And I blogged it, as it is. That act was indefensible. In all cultures.

I jolted the followers. His followers who cannot distinguish the act from the actress. They are clueless. They are devoid of discernment. Of reasons. Until I realized this is a cult.

And so the cult attacked! They said, “Wala kang bayag!” Aeek?! Wala akong bayag?! (Sabay pisil pisil…) Meron ah! The left and the right!

In my mind, ok. You mean, walo ang bayag nang idol ninyo?!

My imagination swirled! Ok. Fine, wala akong bayag. Yong Idol ninyo, maraming bayag. Walo.

And all I could think of was walong bombilya hanging behind the shower curtain.



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