The true story why Status Hot failed to take off and the lies being spread by Sass Rogando Sassot

On December 17, 2017, blogger Sass Rogando Sassot posted this update. It piqued my interest because of its derisiveness. Read this post:

Immediately thereafter, I saw a response from RainB or Mamshies. Here’s her response:

In my mind, damn! “facts not tsismis!” Whoah! There is gonna be some smoke in here! Mamshies tagged a certain Alfonso to react! Alfonso is the staff from PTV-4. Here’s his reaction! He laughed at it!

Mamshies pointed out that Alfonso simply laughed at it. She was now responding to a another commenter.

Mamshies continued to respond and Sassot responded as well.

Take note that I highlighted in red the word “AMIN”. You know what that means, correct? “Amin” means “Us” which means, since she (Sassot) said it, she is part of the word “Us”. Are we clear? Now, notice that she used the same word in the conversation below. See it?

The conversation continued. I could sense that Sassot was beginning to be edgy, then she let out a derisively emasculating “he’s beyond your paygrade!” What an insult she threw at Mamshies! Here it is!

Take note. In that conversation, Sassot said that it was not Alfonso who got pissed. According to her (Sassot), those who were pissed were those present at the Chelsea meeting. I asked my resource person – da hell does that mean?! Well, it appears pala that the person who was there must be P.D. and a PTV Executive, M.S.! Korek ba ang thinking ko?! Sabi pa ni Sassot that this person is not a SHE but a HE. Mukhang Our Lady of BBC is wrong. This person is a SHE!

And then Sassot gave her an advice. Taray diva?!

I asked, what happened afterwards? Well, Mamshies pala was able to speak to the guy “beyond her pay grade” hahahahaha! At this point, Sassot made a U-turn. This time, Mamshies dropped the bomb in sweet revenge! For some reason, Sassot was no longer part of “Amin”. Hahahaha!!!

Then… Sassot tried to change the topic. Watch how Mamshies guided her back to the lane with a really nice sarcasm, ah-ah! Balik ka dito bakla! Hindi pwede!

Sassot was now cornered and she was now trying all ways possible for a graceful exit. But Mamshies would not let her, ah-ah! Sassot then tried ad hominems! She was now like a scared barking dog with nowhere to run!

Sassot tried another technique. Said, she took a screen shot of the guy’s profile who Sassot claims to be following her, but you can’t see the damn profile! Argh! Ano ba?! Could that be the profile of the PTV Executive? Nice try, Sassot!

Sassot now tried to blame Mamshies that she was the liar hoping this would work. But Mamshies responded, ah-ah gurl! “I have a record of our conversation!”

This time, Mamshies shared her conversation with the PTV Executive M.S. It silenced Sassot! Like a nuclear fallout silence.

You remember what Mamshies said earlier? “truth, no matter how you twist it will remain true.”

Sassot was sooo burned at this point! The graduate of a masters performed horrendously in this exchange. I actually did not expect this from someone with credentials like these:

Sassot was brash, arrogantly cocky and very condescending in this conversation. Worse, she was caught lying! Mark of an educated person? I doubt.

In this exchange though, notice how Mamshies controlled the conversation. Notice also her command of English. Mamshies, I was told, did not even finish college. She only graduated high school. Yet, she was the one who showed how conversations like these should be conducted. That’s my gurl!

I hope the masters graduate in the Netherlands learned her lesson well from Mamshies.


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