J” with friends, “Reynz” in the blogging world,”Idwiin” on Facebook. Smile! C’est moi! And I consider Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Castilla Sorsogon; Pasig City, and Legazpi City as my home. Wait. San Francisco too!

And this is my personal/humor blog and occasional outbursts of Philippine politics. I’m not much of an Improv character because I need a lot of improvement, but I do love humor, and for some reason, I could always find something funny, something humorous on anything and in any situation. I don’t know why. Sometimes, my brain is just oozing with something funny, you’d think I lost my mind, and if I could not make one soul smile, I’m telling you, I’ll probably start arresting cops. Which is why, some of what you’ll read here are my real life experiences with MSG, you know – Ajinomoto?! Some are also products of my wild imagination. Daydreaming is for everyone, remember?

Honestly, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. All my parents can afford was to send me to make believe medical school ran by a quack doctor. I did not become a doctor, but I learned how to quack. In fact, sometimes, I walk like a duck. I just have to remind myself how humans walk.

I am now currently based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Wait. I am in New Orleans. Opps! I am now in Charleston, South Carolina. Wrong! Is this Florida?! Wow! I am now nearing Cuba. Wrong. From Florida, I moved to Shelton, Connecticut in 2014. And in 2016, I drove from sea to shining sea and now, I’m in California.

Yun. Find me on Facebook.

Wait! The company that I work for has nothing to do with what I write.