OFW Logo

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What is this Logo?

The logo you’re seeing is Reyna Elena’s OFW Logo. In 2007, I ran a Logo Contest to express my pride that majority of my blog readers were OFW’s and Overseas Filipinos. We were just having fun. Bluepanjeet Bluepanjeet designed the winning logo with the prize-winning money of P10,000 (Philippine pesos). I delivered and handed him the money in Lucena City, Philippines. It was a hugely successful competition. Read about the judging, or browse the game archives by following this link.

Who May Use It?

Reyna Elena’s OFW Logo is available for all Filipino designed or owned websites who supports Reyna Elena dot com. However, I have certain requirements:

  1. Do not modify the logo except resizing.
  2. Please link the logo back to this site, so that when someone clicks on the logo, they can see this website.
  3. Do not sell, market, promote the logo by printing it on T-Shirts, mugs and other materials without prior authorization from me.
  4. Do not claim it as your own.
  5. Do give proper credits to blogger Reyna Elena, Reynz and/or the blog www.reynaelena.com

Thank you.