Pablo Escobar

February 11, 2017
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So I read that Pablo Escobar has been hitting the Philippine headlines dala nang mga press briefing nang isa dyan who refuse to cooperate with the President. In other words, arugain na lang naten ang mga drug lords, drug pushers and drug users. Kupkupin, alagaan ang tadtarin nang motherly tender loving care. This, according to […]

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Santacruzan sa impierno!

February 6, 2017
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“You Catholics, if you believe in your priests and bishops, you stay with them. If you want to go to heaven, then go to them,” he said. “Now, if you want to end drugs … I will go to hell, come join me.” Ok. I’m going to hell with President Duterte. Join us. This is […]

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How to spot a fake vice-president

February 4, 2017
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How to spot a fake Vice President 1. Check the source. Not all people from Bicol Region are fake. Not all people from Naga City are fake. But 99.99% of the time, people coming the LPS (lips for short) are pigs. And pigs having a political party are fake. 2. Research before sharing. When picking […]

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How to introduce notorious Duterte destabilizers Miss Universe style

January 26, 2017
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You know I love beauty pageants! I have no clue why. So, I set my alarm at 3am Californicatia time so I won’t miss the preliminaries live in Manila. As Derek Ramsey and Pia Wurtzbach introduce the candidates, I couldn’t help it. How would they introduce the notorious Duterte destabilizers to the world? I thought […]

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Saving Leny

January 23, 2017
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Philippine Mainstream Media Production presents: “Saving Leny” An espionage, abortion, thriller movie filled with lots of traitor action drama. Portion of the movie strikes a pose. Shown in Yellow Color. Produced by L.P. Production. In Cooperation with the Voida Kulas Keewis Foundation. Directed by Ted Galuatan. Share on Facebook Digg Stumble Upon Buzz

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