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by reynz on July 9, 2015

In this part of the world I know, populated by bloodsuckers is that… The only difference between these people and a mosquito is that one is a bloodsucking parasite and the other is an insect. Digg Stumble Upon Buzz


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the my way or the highway

by reynz on July 7, 2015

out there in the wilderness, you’ll not only find lost souls but also twisted souls they have a philosophy which is beyond the norm of a civilized society it’s called, “my way or the highway” “my way or the highway” is a threat of force no, i’m not talking physical force, but economic force to […]


Pathological Liar

July 2, 2015
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Pathological Liar. Manipulator. Cheater. Abuser. Bully. I am not calling you names. I am describing you. You know what’s funny? This is the internet. Did you ever notice how I would have an awkward moment because I know the truth and you continue to lie? Digg Stumble Upon Buzz

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New challenge

May 30, 2014
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(Picture credits: Leading Effectively) I’ve always been on the lookout for an opportunity that will bring me back to the Philadelphia area. There was one in Ohio, but I did not get the job. In hindsight, I wonder how the winter season compares to that in Philadelphia. I was probably better off not taking the […]

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I just wanted out

May 26, 2014
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I’ve been working in the South since 2008, and I miss being in the Philadelphia area. Going home to Philly takes me about 14 hours of driving. I did not mind the drive. That 14-hour driving feeling is more like soul cleansing from all the madness at work. There have been head-honcho changes every year, […]

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The problem with online advertising videos

April 19, 2014
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Dear online advertisers, I understand that there are only two silos in the online world; the advertisers and us whom you call freeloaders. I know, without you, internet would not be free. It is my belief, however, that you’re not getting it. For a minute, you haul us dictatorially into your world. It’s a mute […]

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Super Bowl 2014

February 2, 2014
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(Photo Credits: Matthew Emmons, USA Today) In America today, a major major religious event will be happening at the holy land of New Jersey. After the religious event, riots and fire descend. They seem to have this severe fantasy of burning tires mostly. Then, there’s the ceremonial but actual breaking of the glass, looting stores, […]

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Rose Fostanes, winner of X Factor Israel

January 15, 2014
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Dear Rose Fostanes, This is your life in bohemian rhapsody. It’s simply the best. You were born this way. You are more beautiful than Valerie. Even if you went through some purple rain in the past, you can no longer say you have nothing. Girl! You did it your way! Your life has now changed. […]

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“Do Filipinos speak English?”

January 2, 2014
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I was talking to a friend in Charleston. I was surprised to find out that despite the good number of Filipinos in the area, she knows very little of the Philippines! She asked me if Filipinos speak English! Then, I remember this article I ran into a few weeks ago. So, I’ve reprinted it here. […]

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The Filipino meaning of “Ubuntu”

December 29, 2013
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Boyd Vart in his talk at TED spoke about a herd of elephants, looking after the welfare of the young elephant. I can’t help but think of a different herd. The herd that took over P10 billion pesos from all of us. The herd that buys justice. The herd that continually diverts what should have […]

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